Our jewels are designed and crafted piece by piece with care so that you can hold them for a lifetime like a sweet memory.
Find your very own at “Ikonomou and friends” in Plaka.

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Welcome to Kreitto jewels


Greece has a 5000 years tradition in jewelry making. Greeks are responsible for setting the trend of jewelry using precious metals and stones. Their craftsmanship in various fields was considered to be of the best quality and the word describing that was “ta kreitto”.

We “kreitto jewels” have based our ideas and have taken inspiration from our country’s jewelry background with a contemporary view. We started creating unique handmade jewelry more than 40 years ago, mainly in the wholesale field.

We love to work with sterling silver for its shiny and yet sweet color that combines perfectly with any kind of stone. Red coral, amethyst, onyx, lapis lazuli, turquoise and many other materials making with silver the best of combination. Silver is giving us also the freedom to express our creativity beyond limitations. Another reason we use silver is that we try to recycle as much as possible in order to be environmental friendly makers.

Choosing the best of raw material, the best of the people to work with and having the best after sales services we managed to establish strong and trusty relationships with our customers from all over the world.

The high demand of our jewelry lead us to launch an exclusive retail shop at the historical neighborhood of Plaka, just under the Akropolis, at 130 Adrianou street.

You will find our store under the name “ikonomou & friends”. The store is honorary named “Ikonomou” after one of the founders and “friends” after the friendly and professional relationship we have built through the years with our customers. Visit us and find out yourself.