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red coral

Inspiration Design Creation

red coral

Well, handmade. And what is finally something handmade? What is that defines handmade? What are the characteristics of a handmade piece?

Why a handmade jewelry is better than another one? And finally what makes is better than another?

First is the idea. Inspiration. Creativity.

Then is the materials. What you use. How to combine them.

The making process. The craftsmanship. The knowledge. Perfectionism.

Then is the feeling. The impact to those who see it, feel it. The “I want it” thing.

Finally is the satisfaction of the creator that through jewelry he created a line of communication.

They shared the same feeling. His idea is also someone else’s idea too. His effort is appreciated by others. His effort is not a waste. That gives you the strength to go on and on. Make new things. Stay alive. Be a thinking creature. Be a pioneer.

But all of these for handmade jewelry?

Oh yes! Oh yes indeed.

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