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garnet stone


garnet dropsOne of the most used stone in jewelry making since ancient times. The name garnet comes probably form the Latin word “Garanatus” that ment “seedlike” since the color of the stone looks like the seed of the pomegranate. In Greek mythology pomegranate stand as a gift of love and eternity. It also symbolizes quick return and separated love since it was the seeds that Hades gave to Persephone to make her get back to him. Greeks and Romans made necklaces of garnet beads as they have been found in excavations. Even Plato had his portrait engraved on a garnet. Through the years garnet became a very used stone for jewelry probably of it’s hardness and durability. Garnet continues to be one of the most popular stones in jewelry making. It has been “established” as the birthstone for January and traditionally for a second anniversary.

In our days the use of garnet in jewelry remain in high demand. Several colors of garnet is still making this stone one of the most used in jewelry. Dark red is the most easy to find. Bright orange is another color of garnet along with olive green or pale pink. The most rear is blue. What ever the color garnet remains a loving stone!

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