Our jewels are designed and crafted piece by piece with care so that you can hold them for a lifetime like a sweet memory.
Find your very own at “Ikonomou and friends” in Plaka.

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Kreitto started creating handmade jewelry more than 40 years ago.

Kreitto jewels is entirely handmade in the company’s workshop in Greece, by Greek hands. We use sterling silver (925) and genuine material of high quality such as authentic red Coral from Aegean sea, mother of Pearl, Greek fossils of Ammonite, sea Shells, Amethyst, Turquoise, Onyx, Lapis lazuli and much more.

During the years as wholesalers we pioneered in introducing authentic red Coral from the Aegean sea and Greek fossils of Ammonites into the Greek and European jewelry market. Since then, 40 years ago, authentic red Coral has been one of the materials of our expertise. Fossils of ammonite has been another natural material that we love to work with. Our fossils of Ammonite come from the land of Peloponnese and specifically from the historically rich Epidaurus region.

We always try to find raw materials from our country. This is our way to emphasize in the concept “Greek product”. The meaning of the concept for us is not only made in Greece but also made with Greek materials. This is a way of “exporting” our country’s tradition in jewelry making. This is a way of “exporting” small pieces of our country to those who love it. This is our way of promoting Greece and it’s tradition and creativity all over the world. Making fine pieces of jewelry reflecting inspiration, design and creation. In other words making memories that last for a lifetime.

We make everything from scratch and always follow the same “routine” in our jewelry making: Inspiration – Design – Creation.


Inspiration is the core or our work. Living in a city like Athens we are surrounded by visuals that trigger our senses. A walk around the Akropolis, a wave of the Greek Riviera, the Athenian blue sky, a piece of coral from the Aegean sea can unexpectedly make us “click” to move on to the next step, the jewel’s design.


Design is the most crucial part of our work. We start by creating the first draft on paper and then we take it through our team’s experts for further discussion. Keeping in mind the different perspectives is the only way a jewel can be improved. When this stage is finished we begin to work on the jewel’s creation.


We choose the right material, we work with the wax around the stone, other times we work with the silver around it or sometimes we use both methods. We make sure that the outcome of the jewel is up to our craftsmanship’s high standards and that the jewel we designed comes out as beautiful as we imagined it.

Our main goal is to create jewelry that combine art, class, originality and high quality. At “kreitto jewels” we create unique “images” and pieces that tell stories of our heart and soul inspired by the Greek land. They are designed with sincere love and crafted with excellence that you can carry for a lifetime like a sweet memory. After all we are “memory makers”.

If you want to find your very own “memory” all of our designs are in our exclusive retail shop “ikonomou & friends”, in Plaka, at 130 Adrianou street, just a couple minutes walk from Akropolis. If you find yourself in Athens feel free to visit us or take an online journey through our collections.